III eiSAXional

III eiSAXional
Edición 2023
III eiSAXional
Edición 2023
III eiSAXional
Edición 2023
III eiSAXional
Edición 2023
En Los Llanos de Aridane y El Paso (La Palma)
Del 23 al 26 de agosto, 2023

Preparations for the IV International Saxophone Meeting of La Palma

We are pleased to inaugurate our summer highlight with the musicians of Ecceterafrom Italy. Summer music nights await us with the wonderful Italian quartet Eccetera. After the success of their first visit in April a year ago, we can look forward to more concerts and classes and unforgettable moments with them.

We remember that "Eccetera" broke the attendance record on our favourite small stage El Secadero 2022 and that the thunderous and enthusiastic audience convinced them to play several encores. They participated in our charity project "Unas Notas de Esperanza" so that in total, with several concerts (of the total project) in which we were able to raise money, we were able to hand over the sum of almost 1900 € to the association NEP - Niños Especiales La Palma.

We are looking forward to the young and dynamic quartet and the long summer nights under the stars of La Palma.


All concerts will be charitable and all proceeds will go to the Association "NEP" (Special Children of La Palma). You can check how to help in:

23 agosto 2023 / Los Llanos de Aridane

· "Unas Notas de Esperanza"

Ensembles of different musical genres, ages and levels. Friendly and passionate musicians who give their heart and soul to raise funds for NEP.

About the action:
A little reminder: On 19 September 2021, a volcano erupted in Los Llanos, in one of the villages. This caused a lot of damage to houses and roads. Many families lost their houses and properties and are still in difficult situations today.Among them is the NEP association, which has created a centre in the Jedey area to provide recreation, therapy and an anchor for families and special children. This centre has suffered a lot of damage due to the volcanic eruption and many of its users and visitors have been without this centre of life for a long time.
We sincerely hope that our Notas de Esperanza will once again help and raise the necessary funds to help the centre with repairs and anything else they may still need.

24 agosto 2023 / El Paso

Casa de la Cultura de El Paso Braulio Martín Hernández

· “Once Upon a Time” / Eccetera Saxophone Quartet

«Once upon a time the world
was round and you could go on it
around and around»
(Gertrude Stein)

Entre otras, obras de:

  • «Historia» – John Cage (1912-1992)
  • Due Madrigali di Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, tratti da «Pagine» – Salvatore Sciarrino (1947)
  • «Rossini… per Quattro» – Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)
  • «Rêverie» – Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
  • «Sechs Bagatellen» – György Ligeti (1923-2006)
  • «Tres preludios» – George Gershwin (1898-1937)
  • «Tango Virtuoso» – Thierry Escaich (1965)

25 agosto 2023 / Los Llanos de Aridane

Parque Antonio Gómez Felipe

· “El Arte: La Música”

  • “GuaGua” – Alessandro Leo
  • “Pamalka” – Kees van Unen
  • Various works by Saxophone Ensembles

An art exhibition with paintings especially dedicated to the Association and its musician friends Eccetera, Kees van Unen, Hans De Jong and to the island of La Palma and the love and inspiration of art and music.


Premiere: "GUAGUA" by Alessandro Leo

Alessandro Leo's dynamic and fiery saxophone piece «Guagua» ,is inspired by the world of Spanish sentiment. In love with Spanish culture in general, everything comes together in the piece. We plan to organise the event with all the guests and partly with the ensemble.

This piece of music was born its original idea already in 2019 and then grew over the years and the close friendship.

The first meeting (unforgettable moments) was in Italy on the road together with too many instruments in a small car with accompanying friends and musicians, and many kilometres ahead. Through the stories we exchanged during the trip and the different cultures we came from, we quickly exchanged some words that will always remind us of this beginning of friendship. "GUAGUA" and "Una pregunta‘.

A small impression of the genesis of this really dynamic and fiery new play." (Anne-Theilke Grabow)

About Alessandro Leo

He began studying saxophone with Maestro Mario Garofali at the "Cataldo Curri" Music Band in Locorotondo. He studied and graduated with the highest qualifications in saxophone at the Conservatory "N. Rota" Conservatory of Monopoli under the direction of Maestro Vittorio Cerasa, where he later obtained a diploma in Didactics of Music. He collaborated with the Centre for Musical Activity and Training "Mousikè" in Martina Franca as a saxophone teacher and in the promotion and organisation of events/seminars/masterclasses with internationally renowned artists.

He currently collaborates with several musical associations in Treviso in the promotion of saxophone musical education: "Scuola Musicale d'Istrana" (TV); "Cantieri Musicali" - Montebelluna (TV); "Avdance" - Preganziol (TV) and the project "Sax Sequoia" with Maestro Roberto Buttus. He collaborated in the recording project "Adiafora" Koinè of Dodicilune 2013 by Antonella Chionna and, by the same author, in the preface of the book "Epifanie Baritonali" - Lupo Editore 2012 and with the Antonio Vivaldi Orchestra of Sondrio. Author of the music for the audiobook "Il gomitolo di lana" by the author Daniela Gianfrate and the illustrator Marie Nicole Gianfrate - Giacovelli Editore, 2020.

In 2021 he obtains the certification in Didattica dell'Italiano a Stranieri CEDILS Level II at the University Cà Foscari of Venice. In April 2022 invited to the "Encuentro Internacional de Saxofón de La Palma" - Canary Islands (ES), he develops an intense concert activity with the Saxophone Quartet Eccetera (Laura Chittolina: soprano saxophone - Andrea Carrozzo: alto saxophone - Alessandra Zanon: tenor saxophone - Alessandro Leo: baritone saxophone).

With the prog band 'Antilabè' he recorded the next album 'Anime motu' (Carla Sossai: vocals - Alessandro Leo: saxophones. - Loris Sovernigo: piano - Marino Vettoretti: guitars - Adolfo Silvestri: electric bass, bouzouki, classical guitar - Luca Crepet: drums, marimba, percussion, vibraphone - Luca Tozzato: drums, percussion - music by Marino Vettoretti; Adolfo and Alessio Silvestri; Graziano Pizzati). He composed the following pieces: NADJA for saxophone quartet @2017; PILLS - RESIGNATION - REBIRTH - PUM PUM electronic music @2020 single covers: Valentina Gigante; THE BALL OF WALL for solo piano; FONTE MARCHEGIANI symphonic march dedicated to Maestro Vittorio Cerasa @2021 - GIUA' small march dedicated to Maestro Giovanni Mastromarino @2021.

Music teacher at the Istituto Comprensivo 3 "G.G. Felissent" of Treviso.

"Pamalka", by Kees van Unen

“Pamalka”- visual, for Kees van Unen

"In December 2022, Kees surprised us with a visit to La Palma for the III Encuentro Internacional de Saxofón de La Palma. He had written a piece (Pamalka) for saxophone choir in consultation with one of our dear friends and colleagues, Hans De Jong. One that would lead us into new musical melodies and bring us closer to modern music. The touching moment in it is that, in a way, we all melted into a vocal chorus and swayed gently from side to side. In deep gratitude and also moved by her dedication, she receives the dedication for the visual artwork "Pamalka" that was created for this saxophone musical work." (Anne-Theilke Grabow)

Kees van Unen

Kees van Unen has been a musician and composer since his school days. He studied organ, music theory and composition, and taught music theory at several conservatories in the Netherlands. He has taught music theory at several conservatories in the Netherlands. He is currently an organist and works on various commissions at home and abroad. He is currently working on various commissions at home and abroad. He regularly lectures on contemporary music.

His works have been published by Muziekgroep Nederland/Donemus Amsterdam and recorded on CD. and also recorded on CD.

Eccetera Saxophone Quartet

Andrea Carrozzo (saxo alto), Laura Chittolina (saxo soprano), Alessandro Leo (saxo barítono) y Alessandra Zanon (saxo tenor).
The chamber music ensemble Eccetera Saxophone Quartet was founded in 2009.

The saxophonists Laura Chittolina, Andrea Carrozzo, Allessandra Zanon and Alessandro Leo studied at the Conservatory of Music "L. Campiani" in Mantua under the guidance of Gianluca Pugnaloni and at the Conservatory of Music "N. Rota" in Monopoli under the guidance of Vittorio Cerasa.

Eccetera Saxophone has attended masterclasses of eminent international saxophone teachers such as Claude Delangle, Lev Pupis, Hans De Jong, Jerome Laran, Federico Mondelci and Mario Marzi.

The quartet performed for the Italian National TV (channel RAI 1) and at renowned festivals including "17° Stagione Concertistica Società della Musica di Mantova", "Verdi e Wagner", "Musica dall'Adda al Lario per Festival di Bellagio e del Lago di Como", "Festival 5 Giornate per la nuova musica" in Milan, "Il sax in frac per Suona Francese", "Festivaletteratura", "Costellazioni - Musica Contemporanea", "MantovaMusica", “Alpsaxsummer 2019”, “II Eisaxional Week”.

Eccetera Saxophone collaborated with "Solisti Lombardi" for the "Festival di Bellagio e del Lago di Como" and the "Gran Festival del Cinema Muto" in Milan, "New Made Ensemble" and "Conservatorio della Sinfonica di Mantova Orchestra".

The quartet is first prize winner of several national and international competitions, including "Lions Club Mantova Host" to the best chamber ensemble of the Conservatory of Mantua, XI National Competition City of Riccione, V International Competition for Young Musicians Prize "Antonio Salieri" in Legnago, III International Chamber Music Competition "Miryam e Pierluigi Vacchelli" of Piadena, X National Competition "Jan Langosz" for Young Musicians City of Bardolino - the quartet has also been awarded by M° Claude Delangle as winner of the IMEMusicExpo Contexto in Sanremo.

Eccetera Saxophone, in the Duo version, is part of the "Dante 22, Purgatorio" project, promoted by Edizioni Sconfinarte with the premiere performance of 33 new works by Italian contemporary composers that will be recorded for Sconfinarte Records. Eccetera Saxophone, en versión Dúo, forma parte del proyecto «Dante 22, Purgatorio», promovido por Edizioni Sconfinarte, en el cual se estrenarán 33 nuevas obras de compositores contemporáneos italianos que serán grabadas para Sconfinarte Records.