Unas Notas de Esperanza

"Unas Notas De Esperanza" means a few notes for hope.

A solidarity project that started the year our friends, neighbors and musicians from our village Los Llanos de Aridane and El Paso were affected by the volcanic catastrophe. For several months, activities were carried out such as a solidarity t-shirt and several concerts in which the musicians took part and whose proceeds were later donated.

In the first campaign, Unas Notas De Esperanza, a total of 1,903.20 € was donated to the association NEP" Niños Especiales de la Palma" for families and members of the association who have created a center for their needs. After the difficult moment of the volcano catastrophe the families made a great effort and together managed to create this social center and space for physical and emotional recreation for many neighbors, friends and family members. You can always help to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the therapy rooms and facilities of the center, which are urgently needed to continue the activities.

If you are interested in being part of our team, as a musician, or you can help us with a location or want a Solidarity T-shirt: we are looking forward to receiving any interest and nice people!

Next benefit concert: Unas Notas de Esperanza, on the 23rd of August in Los llanos de Aridane.

Every euro can help!

CaixaBank: ES16 2100 1921 19 0200094236

Titular: Asociación de Niños Especiales de La Palma (NEP)

Telephone 922 46 28 86, or e-mail – direccion@asociacionnep.org